Danpe Presents: C# HTML Builder

Having trouble building HTML with C# ?

Have you ever used something like this to generate HTML tables for example:
StringBuilder sb = new StringBuilder();
for (int i = 1; i <= 32; i++)
    sb.AppendLine("<tr class=\"row\">");
    sb.AppendLine("<td>" + i + "</td>");
    sb.AppendLine("<td> </td>");
    sb.AppendLine("<td> </td>");
    sb.AppendLine("<td> </td>");
return sb.ToString();
(As you see even the SyntaxHighlighter couldn't handle all of those Escape Characters)

I'm pretty sure you did :)
And you probably you hate all of those Escape Characters! (/" " +)
And doing sb.AppendLine all the time and doing all this formating!
Imagine you have 50 lines?? OMG...

So anyway i made an Application to make you'r life easier :)

Simple as it looks :)
Download Here: C# HTML Builder